Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Lord....

....I'm tired!
But it's a GOOD tired. I've taught 17 classes in the past week and a half, with 10 more to go in the next 6 days, then on to a yoga teacher training next weekend. Plus, I'm PMS-ing.
But I'm learning A LOT, making a nice chunk o' change, and CANNOT WAIT to start teaching yoga!!!!! I love yoga!
I just wish I could make peace with my ample body. Part of me is actually dreading the yoga teacher training because I always feel like people are looking at me, wondering why someone who looks like me thinks she can be a fitness instructor.
Of course, I already AM a fitness instructor. My reformer classes are full, my mat classes are very well attended, and I've received a lot of compliments from clients.
But I'm just so...BIG!
Bigger than I've ever been. Yes, I've said it before: bigger than ever other than my pregnancies. But I have to wonder, other than celebrities, who the hell looks the same at 40 as they did at 25?!?!?! Especially if, at 25, they were anorexic?!?!
But I HATE being this big! Especially in the boobs. Pain in the neck! Or back, actually.
OK, they're not THAT bad. But I want to find peace with food. It's a LONG process, and part of me feels like I should be there already, lol!

OK, so on a much brighter note, LG turned 8 on Tuesday, and we had a really fun, mellow party for him. He got a new pair of swimming goggles, which he put on and wore around the house for an hour. He also, as it turns out, has a crush on one of WG's therapists. her name is Kristin, but her calls her Christmas. Actually, he calls her "My Christmas." When he's not making googly eyes at her, sitting on her shoulders, or asking her for tickles.
WG seems to be feeling much better. She's sleeping well, waking up happy, and is very playful. She's kinda like a puppy.
And neither one of them cares about my big tummy. Nor does Hubby.
It's just me.


Charlotte said...

I love it when little kids crush on their teachers because I think kids are such good judges of character - so you know if a tot loves you, it's a real compliment!

And congrats on your pilates popularity! Just "knowing" you from the Internet I can totally see why people love you! Wish I could take your classes...

azusmom said...

I know, it's so sweet! My daughter had a crush on one of my son's therapists a couple of years ago. Whenever he came to the house she would run to greet him and give him shy, coy little smiles.

And, hey, if you ever decide to visit San Francisco, let me know and I'll get you a guest pass, lol!