Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Love

OK, there are the obvious ones, like my husband and kids and the dog. And my in-laws' dogs. And my brothers' dogs, even though I haven't actually met them. (The dogs. I've know my brother quite well.) And the neighborhood pets. And the geese and ducks just outside, who waddle up to me every time I set foot out the front door, in hopes of getting some old bread.
I love NoCal. That's "Northern California." I like SoCal, especially San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ojai, but I LOVE the Bay Area! I'm SO GLAD we live here now! (I also love Tahoe, especially in the spring and summer.) On Tuesday we took the kids to Golden Gate Park for a hike. We walked around Stowe Lake, which is beautiful and has waterfalls, water fowl, paddleboat rentals, and a Chinese pavillion. It also has many people walking with their kids and dogs. OUR kids had a great time! We might go back tomorrow.
I love coffee. I really do. I never touched until I was 25, in grad school. I was exhausted all the time, and a Starbucks opened right around the corner from our home. This was early 1995. And that was the end of my caffeine-free existence. I don't NEED it. I can go without and not get the headaches or fatigue, but I just love it. My hubby makes the coffee every morning, and he likes it strong. Like, NASA-approved, rocket-fuel strong!
I love teachingPilates. Sure, there are days when I just don't wanna, but for the most part, I really love it. I love my clients, I love putting my classes together, and I love the way I feel afterward. And I REALLY love my Friday morning ladies! This was my first class ever, and we're still going strong!
Riding my bike. We live right off the San Francisco Bay Trail, and I hadn't ridden my bike in YEARS. (Riding a bike in L.A. was, for me, an extreme sport. Or a death wish.) I have a cruiser and a mountain bike, and I love riding both. But the cruiser has a nice wide seat, and it's red and reminds me of the red bike I had when I was six and tore around the neighborhood like a little terror. My mother visited last month, and she rode the cruiser. She's 71, and SHE looked like a 6 year-old terror!
Lunch. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it's my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast is something you HAVE to have, 'cause you haven't eaten in 12 hours. Dinner is sometimes kind of a pain, 'cause there are so few things that everyone will eat. But lunch? It's informal, it seems easier, and the possibilities are endless. Plus, I sometimes have potato chips. I love potato chips.
Walking. The best workout, for me, is going outside and taking a walk. I don't do it as often as I used to, which is odd. Our old house was at the bottom of a hill, and all I had to do was walk outside to get my heart pumping. Our new place is on flat land, but if I put on my WalkVest and my MBT shoes and walk at a steady pace, I really feel it. (The last time I went walking I had "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from "The Sound of Music" stuck in my head. It drove me a little nuts, but it was a good beat for walking, lol!)
There are many, MANY more things, but these are the ones I thought of off the top of my head.
How about you guys? What do you love?

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