Monday, February 2, 2009

Drat This Blogging Stuff! Oh, and Ads SUCK! (Lots of bad language, here)

All week I've been thinking "I should write a new post on my blog," which is quickly followed by "Hmm...what shall I write about," which, in turn, is followed by the sound of tumbleweeds blowing across a vast, dry, empty plane. (Plain?)
Ladies and gentlemen, my brain at work.
Of course, last week WAS a bit nuts...I subbed a bunch of classes and, oh yeah, had my credit card number STOLEN.
The good news is, we know what the guy who stole it looks like, and what kind of car he drives. The bad news is, none of the security cameras were able to get his license plate #. There's no way to ID him right now. BUT, the $200 gift card he and his girlfriend bought at Wal-Mart has been voided.
Plus, he's got people gunning for him now, and he damn well better watch his back.

OK. On to the Superbowl ads.
Um, when did we become a nation of horny-toad 12 year-old boys?
Oh. Right. Silly question.
Some were fine. (I particularly liked the Death goes to see his accountant one, even though I will NEVER, EVER use H&R Block again. Really? I owed $500 in a year when I made $10,000?!?!?!)
But, eating Doritos and causing a woman's clothes to come off? Really? And WHAT was up with those Danica Patrick ads?!?!?! "I suddenly feel the urge to shower on camera!" And the other one that has her surrounded by idiots with implants talking about "enhancements?"
OK. so we have the first female NASCAR champion, and the only way to make her acceptable in that VERY much male-dominated sport is to reduce her to a sexual plaything.
Yeah, thanks!
Are these guys REALLY so insecure that the only way they can accept a female winning out over the men is to have her take her clothes off?
Pardon my nastiness here, but what they're really saying is "Yeah, she may have won, but she's still just a hole!"
And people wonder why rape is still so prevalent.
Well, when you turn people into objects, it's easier to mistreat them. When women succeed at something and you're so fu**ing insecure that you can't handle it and treat them with borderline violence (which, sorry, is EXACTLY what those ads do), then it's a short step over the line into actual violence.
Fu** you, Madison Avenue!
And Danica? Have a little fu**ing self-respect!!!!!!!
(Sorry for the language, but I'm SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!)


Charlotte said...

For a girl who couldn't come up with a topic to blog about, you sure wrote a doozie of a post! Amen to everything you said!! I had the exact same reaction to those retarded Danica Patrick ads. Ridic!! I can't believe she agreed to do that. Did you see the teleflora one where the woman's flowers tell her no one wants to see her naked?!? That one was insane too.

azusmom said...

Yeah, the floodgates just sort of blew open there, lol!
Yeah, that teleflora ad was nasty, too!