Sunday, March 5, 2017

Living in Interesting Times.

The above happens to be a title of an EFT video I've been using.  It's posted on YouTube, and is just under 7 minutes long.  It refers to the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".  Which, I think I can safely say, describes the current era.
I've also, in the evenings, been watching 90's videos on MTV Classic.  It reminds me of being in my 20's, and living either in Western Massachusetts (early 90's), La Jolla (mid), or L.A. (late).  Ah, those were the days!  When I was still made of potential and everything seemed possible, lol!
Of course, I'm looking back with some heavily rose-tinted glasses.  In my early 20's I was depressed and suicidal, in my mid-20's I was depressed and anxious, and in my late 20's, well, we lived in L.A.  ;)
I'm actually very glad to not be that young anymore.

I've been doing yoga and taking walks with the pup.  My weight is still a few pounds up (between 2 and 5), but I feel good, for the most part.  I have to remind myself that, 3 years ago, I would have sold my own mother to be at this weight.  (I told her that.  She's OK with it.)

Hubby has started rehearsal for his new show, and the in-laws are in Hawaii.  While it's nice to have the place to myself during the day, it also means no help with the kids.  I have to remember to take my solo walks, as well as those with pupper.  That's what truly helps me keep my sanity.  Or what's left of it, anyway.

I'm hoping to get back east at some point, to the Shakespeare company where I used to work.  I haven't seen a production there in over 20 years.  And since I'm not able to go abroad this year, I figure this will be the next best thing.  And it'd be great to see everyone.  I miss them terribly.  Summer is a difficult time, but maybe if I go early in June or in September, it'll be doable.

WG's IEP is coming up this week.  She'll be transitioning to the high school district (!!!!!!!!!!!!).  Hopefully they'll let her stay at her school.  I've been assured that chances are good they will.  LG seems to be a little bit calmer, but we're still going to have him assessed again.  Just to see what we can do for his anxiety.  Meanwhile, WG's meds are still working, although we've had to up her dose a bit.

I'm feeling a lot calmer these days.  The meds help, but also the tapping and just taking care of myself.  And having a sweet pup to cuddle when things get bad.

And I'm still considering becoming a Weight Watchers leader.  I like the idea.  It's mainly a question of child care. (As is so often the case.)

OK.  The sun has come out, so I'm going to take a walk.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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