Monday, January 26, 2015

Holy Hand Grenades, I've Done it Again!

Gone another 3 weeks without a peep.  I'm so sorry!
In my defense...well, I don't have much of one, other than being busy.
Which we all are.

So, to catch up:  the rash is completely gone (yay), but I had to have 2 moles biopsied (boo!).  It's been a bit over a week, so if I don't hear anything over the next 2 weeks, I'm in the clear.  And then I need to get checked every 6 months.
Fingers crossed.

The concert was FANTASTIC!  I ended up standing right next to the stage.  So you'll have to speak up...

I've been faithfully doing my yoga, and have found 2 classes that I particularly like and that I'm hoping to keep attending after my month is up.

I've also started another round of improv.  This one is advanced, and the group is AMAZING!  Some I know from previous sessions, some I'm just meeting.  But it's gonna be FUN!  And the best part; we get to do 2 performances at the end of the 10 weeks.  Probably in the cabaret space at A.C.T.  I'm really hoping this will lead to something a bit more permanent, as in a core group for workout/performance.

I've been attending my WW regular meetings, but also once-a-month Lifetime membership meetings, which have a different focus.  I'm enjoying them a lot.  And so far, so good on maintaining, knock on wood.
I'm also finding that, as I get older, the super-intense workout schedule just doesn't do it for me anymore.  In fact, it has the opposite effect:  I get overly tired, retain weight, and I end up feeling hungrier than if I do more moderate workouts.  So I've been mixing up Slim in 6/Slim Series, yoga, barre, walking, and 30 minute sessions on the spin bike.
Which is still still not slouching, IMHO.  :)

Another sign that we're getting older: Hubby just ordered a foam cover for our mattress that will make the bed firmer.  We've both been waking up with back and/or shoulder pain. Can't afford a new mattress just yet, so hopefully this will do the trick.

And I think I've hit perimenopause.  My cycle is whack!

We have completely moved into our new rooms.  It's so much nicer to all be on the same floor, and LG has his own room again.  The dog sleeps with us.  Lately, however, he's been scratching and licking a lot. (The dog, not LG.) All over. I think his skin has gotten dry.
Which isn't surprising, seeing as how he likes to sleep directly in front of the space heater!  We have to gently pull him away so his nose doesn't get burned!
Silly pup.
But I think a trip to the vet is in order.  Because the poor guy is SO itchy!  In the meantime, I've been putting a tiny bit of olive oil in bis food, and I'm ordering some doggie digestive enzymes.  Hopefully that will help.

Next week, I will be registering LG for high school.
My little pumpkin is gonna be in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

Nope.  Cannot compute that.  Think I'll stay over here in Denial.

It's nice here!
Think I'll hang out for a bit.
Like, say, the next 50 years?

See ya!

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