Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Again

My F-I-L is in the hospital today, undergoing an emergency angiogram.  Yesterday he had surgery to remove clots from his leg, but he's been having chest pain all day.  Needless to say, my M-I-L (who's at the hospital with him, along with S-I-L and Hubby) is a bit of a wreck.  She just turned 70 on Saturday, and my F-I-L is 72.  He had that quadruple bypass a couple years back, and he's been having pain lately, but not letting anyone know.

I'm at home with the kids.  Better all around, and there's no need to worry them too much at this point (to the point they would understand what's happening, at least).  But here's that fucking helpless feeling again. There's nothing I can do to make this better for them. Any of them.

I'm just hoping they find the issue and fix it.  He's due a few more good years on this planet, IMHO.

I WAS going to blog about all my fangirling over "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock," but that'll have to wait, if that's OK.  I kinda have to go be a grown-up for a while.

Happy New Year, Peace, and Blessings.


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