Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stress, Guilt, Worry, Blah Blah Blah...

WG hurt her foot the other day while we were at the pool.  Not sure how, exactly.  She must have hit the inside of her heel as she was coming up the stairs.  She was limping yesterday morning, so we kept her home from school.
After LG got home we went to the park.  Her heel was, well, healing.  But once there, she lay down on the bench, like all her energy had drained out of her.  We let LG swing for a bit, then went home.
Where she proceeded to puke her guts (and lunch) out, all over her bed.  I put her now feverish little body in the tub and cleaned up her room.  After her bath she went downstairs with Hubby, to the nice cool (previously frigid) living room and fell asleep.
Needless to say, she stayed home from school today.  My mom looked after her until I came home from teaching my class.  Her fever was nearly 102, so I put her in the tub again and changed her sheets.

She's now had a fever for about 28 hours.  Being the type I am, I called the doctor's office. They told me what I already knew: That she has a virus, and to let her sleep, and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids.  What I DIDN'T know is that we're not supposed to give her Tylenol or Advil unless her fever is ABOVE 102.

My poor little baby is already doing everything she needs to. She's sleeping, resting, and drinking her water.  She also climbs into my lap periodically for cuddles, which are a vital part of recovery. Her poor little face is red, and she's got a runny nose.  She's so tired and unhappy, but she's not crying.

Hubby is getting ready for his birthday camping/climbing trip with his buddies.  He turns 44 on Tuesday, although he still looks like he's 18. Of course, I've been stressing myself out about it.  But I have to take a step back and tell myself to Chill.  Stress, at this point, will only make me sick, and I'm no good to anyone if I get sick. Plus, well, who wants to get sick?!?! Not this chick!

I must say I'm doing a better job, at least today, of NOT feeling guilty.  Kids sometimes hurt themselves.  They get sick.  Then they get over it.  It's no one's fault, and it's not a crisis.

But I'm staying close to home, and looking forward to next week, when eveyone is (hopefully) healthy, hearty, hale, and home.

I am SUCH a Jewish mother!


Geosomin said...

Poor girl - sounds like you're giving her all she needs to get better.
I love the way you describe your husband BTW. It's sweet to hear the love in your words :)

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Cindy said...

Good information about the Tylenol I am going to check that out as I have a young niece who is given the children's version as soon as she has any signs of a cold.