Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh. My. G-D!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. Did the Fit Test for Insanity the other day, and my first *official* workout last night. Or, I should say, about 3/4 of the workout. That stuff is HARD!!!!!!
Of course, I kinda knew that when I ordered it. And during the months I pondered ordering it. And I must admit, I had a few moments of "Ican'tdothiswhatwasIthinkingIcanstillsenditbackandgetmymoneyback." But then I reminded myself that: a) this was THE FIRST TIME I had done the workout and, b) THIS is exactly what I signed on for!!!!!!! So what if I can't do it perfectly (or, at all) right now! The point is to get stronger so that EVENTUALLY I will be able to finish. Even some of the guys on the DVD were having trouble, so why should I have to be perfect the first time out?
I also realized that that was the old me talking. The perfectionist, the girl afraid to make a mistake. And I'm not that person anymore. Heaven knows I make PLENTY of mistakes, lol!
It also didn't help that the day before I taught 4 hours of Pilates! That's gonna put a crimp in the ol' workout!
The upside was that I've slept REALLY well the past two nights. Gee, wonder why?
Anyway, I'm gonna keep on, keep on, keep on keep on, dancin' all through the night. Meaning, I'm going to do the Insanity workouts as often as I can, without overdoing it.
Oh, and if you're like me and you love energy bars but don't want too much sugar, there's a company called Greens+ that makes a YUMMY bar! It's raw, made with stuff like dates and almond butter, and comes in 3 for 4 flavors (I like the chocolate and the yogurt-covered ones). It also has a lot of protein, good fats, and is, I believe, gluten-free. They haven't paid me for this. I found some at Trader Joe's, and they carry them at Whole Foods, and they are YUMMY!
Anyway, gotta go teach another class. Have a great weekend!

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