Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hooray! Hooray! It's National Love Your Body Day!!!!!

On Sunday I took a yoga class, then went swimming with my kids while hubby was at work. I managed to get 30 minutes of laps in. I then corralled the kids out of the pool (a Herculean effort, I must say), gave them baths, walked the dog, took them all out for a drive, fed them, brushed their teeth and (eventually) got them to bed.
Monday I took them to school, taught 2 Pilates classes back-to-back, cleaned the house, picked the kids up from school, calmed WG after she had (yet another) meltdown, made dinner, did the dishes, and went back to the gym to teach 2 more hours of Pilates. That night, I stayed up with WG as she continued her (so far) week-and-a-half-long tradition of waking up and shrieking for hours for no apparent reason. (She does this every so often. Usually a couple times a year. We have no idea why.)
Yesterday I felt a cold coming on. And I skipped my yoga class. WG was STILL melting down, so it's a good thing I was home. She continued her meltdown into the wee hours of the morning. Today I'm teaching 3 classes. Tonight Hubby and I will be wearing earplugs as we deal with the shrieking. (We've taken her to her doctor, talked to her teachers, therapists, to other parents with Autisic kids, no one has any answers. Eventually she will stop. And she'll be fine, until next time.)
Through all of this, my body has kept going. Oh sure, I'm exhausted, and a bit under the weather, but I'm still going. (Thank goodness for school! I can take a nap while the kids improve their minds!)
So it makes me wonder why I'm so down on this body of mine. OK, so I don't look like a model. Truthfully? I don't WANT to look like a model! They're so skinny it's scary! I find it REALLY unnatractive, and I feel so horribly sorry for these poor girls who are forced to starve themselves. Been there, done that, NO THANKS!!!
So, yeah, I'm pudgy. But I'm also STRONG. I can multitask like no one's business, my kids are thriving, and I'm healthy. Isn't THAT what's important?
Today, on this International Love Your Body Day, I will notice all the negative thoughts I have about this amazing body of mine. I will then stop the thought, and replace it with one or more positive ones. And I will continue to do so until he positives outnumber the negatives. It'll take a while, but that's OK.
So if you're reading this, take a moment to appreciate something about YOUR incredible body.
Happy Love Your Body Day!!!!!!


Charlotte said...

Seriously - getting the kids in and out of the pool should be considered a workout in its own right! I love swimming w/ my kids, HATE all the shenanigans surrounding the swimming (esp. all the "I'm cooooollllld!" crying).

PS> Still bummed I missed Love Your Body day!!

azusmom said...

Well, I think EVERY DAY can be Love Your Body Day!

There needs to be a "get your kids out of the pool without angst" device. I don't know what it would be, but if I think of it, I'm inventing it and getting the patent.
(I'm still working on The Mombot: A robot that looks just like you. She'll take care of the kids while you have a nap or go to a bookstore.)

Villamor family said...

great post! i did a post like this last year after feeling "fed up" with all the body-loathing talk I was hearing from friends! i use to hate my legs but now love them. They let me do soo soo much and are strong. I can't change my genetics...and thus make them smaller so I am embracing them!

azusmom said...

Villamor family, that is AWESOME!!!!!