Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hitting the Barre

Last week I signed up for a (deeply discounted) one-month unlimited class pass to our local Pure Barre studio. I started a week ago Monday, and have taken 4 classes so far (with 2 more to go this week). I was pretty nervous before the first class, but I walked in and was greeted by a gray-blue French bulldog named Maverick.  He's the studio owner's dog, and a lovebug.  :)  I took it as a good sign.
I've been enjoying the classes, even though they are (for me) ridiculously challenging!  I won't be able to afford 3 classes a week after the month is over, but I have some of their DVDs.  I'm hoping that 1 class per week plus 2 workouts at home will get me strong and lean.  :)

I've put on about 5 pounds since the election, and I can't seem to get rid of them.  I think it's stress, as I'm doing everything else I *should* be doing.

We've switched WG's meds.  This is a well-known brand that we can order by mail!  And it's chocolate/mint flavored, which she seems to like.  We're also going to try it on LG, as his anxiety seems to be getting worse. Poor baby.

This Saturday is the annual staged reading of the Mom play.  And then, a week from Sunday, we start rehearsal for the full-on play.  I'm very excited, and a bit nervous.  I hope I can memorize my lines.  It's been quite a while!

The pup is wonderful. She sleeps on the bed with us, and follows me everywhere.  I just wish that she enjoyed car rides more.  :) I'd like to take her places, like the dog park.

Anywho, gotta run.  Going to try and take a quick nap before the kiddoes get home.

See ya!

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