Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Still Breathing

Heading into the 3rd week of school vacation (2 kids, 2 schools, 2 different vacation schedules).  And my mom has been here for a week and a half.  She's taking the red eye home tonight.  The weather isn't great, so I'm hoping for an easy flight. She's dealing with some serious stuff at home, so she's not looking forward to returning.  It's a pretty serious situation, which I'm hoping will soon be resolved.

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but I've decided I need to focus on being a bit more bold. OK, a LOT more.

And in that spirit, I'm going to proclaim that I Deserve a Frickin' Medal.  ;)

As do my kids.  I vaguely remember being 13.  A 13 year-old female. I can't imagine being a 13 year-old autistic female.  My poor girl is on an emotional roller coaster like I've never seen.
And I remember, somewhat, being 15.  But I was never a 15 year-old boy, and certainly not a 15 year-old autistic boy.

Next week, I've decided, once both kids are back in school, I'm going to spend the mornings curled up in my warm bed with my warm puppy and catch up on sleep.

So, Happy New Year, and I'll check in soon.

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