Monday, November 25, 2013

I Wrote a Play. Kind Of.

Not a full-length play.  Not even a GOOD play.  It was written over the course of 3 hours in class the other night and, to be truthful, I didn't even know I was writing it until the last hour. None of us did.  We all wrote a short, 5-act play as an exercise.
We each wrote our own, not one play altogether. I was saying, what I wrote isn't very good.  It's pretty much got every cliche, both conversational and situational, known to humankind.  Sure, there are some good lines here and there, but for the most part it's crap.
And y'know what? I DON'T CARE!  Because it's written. And done, at this point, is better than good.

I saw a site this morning geared toward creative types, called "Make Friends With Failure."  It says things like "You wouldn't talk to a baby that way, why do you talk to yourself that way?"  Because when we're starting out something new, we're kind of like babies.  But we expect perfection the first time out. Why?  I certainly didn't lecture my kids when they were learning to walk,  or chastise them every time they fell on their adorable, diaper-clad bottoms.  No, I grabbed the video camera, squealed, cried, and then called every single person I knew to tell them that LG or WG just took some steps, regardless of how well I actually knew those people or which time zone they were in.

But sometimes, like now (3 days after I started writing this post), when I'm in Hormone Hell, it's difficult to remember to be gentle and proud.  I had a brief respite over the weekend, with all the "Doctor Who" 50th specials and celebrations (Tom Baker!  Peter Capaldi's eyes!  A cute widdle bunny!), but now I'm back to it.
I PROBABLY should have left the house at some point during the weekend.  If I don't get out, I get kooky.  Plus, I read a very well-written fan fiction that drove me to despair ("My writing sucks!  I'm so pedestrian!  I'll never get it, never!" {Crashes forehead onto keyboard like Don Music on "Sesame Street."}).

I need to remember that I took this time off SPECIFICALLY to figure out WHAT I want and HOW to go about getting it.  (My GOODNESS, I'm Using so MANY CAPITAL LETTERS TODAY!)

OK, it's now a few hours later. As I was writing this earlier I got a call from WG's school informing me that she'd twisted her ankle while on a field trip, but was in good spirits.  She came home 2 hours later not putting any weight on her foot.  It wasn't swollen, and there's no bruising. I gave her some Advil, and she started putting weight on it. Now she's limping a tiny bit, but also climbing up and down 3 flights of stairs and playing.  So we'll keep an eye on, and if it doesn't look better, we'll get her foot x-rayed.
Poor li'l bunny!

I'm also gonna do an auto-write. It's an exercise in which you simply sit and write whatever comes out, not worrying about grammar, punctuation, spelling, or even making sense.  It's basically verbal vomit. Stuff comes up & out that needs to.
And we'll see what happens!

Now I must go vomit-er-write.  And check on my Gimpy Girl.  :)

As Sherlock would say, "Lat-ers!"

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