Monday, November 16, 2009

The Brain, Even Mine, is a Powerful Thing

I've been reading up on nutrition lately. Books such as
"The End of Overeating," "Eat to Live," "The Gorgeously Green Diet," and "The Appetite Awareness Workbook." All useful and VERY interesting.
I've been thinking, again, about whether or not to become a vegetarian. And I've decided, for the time being, to be flexitarian. To focus on getting plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as veggie sources of protein, and cutting down on the flesh.
Tonight I made pizza for dinner. Veggie for me, plain for the kids, and "supreme" for Hubby. I ate a bit of the "supreme," and now I'm REALLY wishing I hadn't!
My tummy has been in an uproar for the past 3 1/2 hours (which was a whole bunch 0' fun while I was teaching 2 Pilates classes, let me tell ya!), and I think it's because of the supreme pizza. I could be wrong. It could be that I simply ate too much. Which wouldn't be anything new. OR, it could be GUILT from eating that supreme pizza! I knew I "shouldn't," but I did anyway. And now I'm paying for it.
So. Jewish guilt, a tricky tummy, or malicious meat?
Unless it's something more sinister, like a virus.
Wow. Way to be an alarmist, Alyssa!

See, THIS is why meditation would be so good for me, if I could just remember to actually DO it! My brain is able to conjure up the most far-fetched scenarios. And, y'know, your body doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. So I could IMAGINE I'm on a beach in Hawaii, and my body would relax and chill. Without the plane trip and $400 round-trip ticket. I could make my crazy, over-active imagination work FOR me instead of against.
Wow! What a concept!!!!!!
OK. I'm off to Hawaii. Talk to ya soon!


NeverSayDiet said...

I'm guessing it's a combo of Jewish guilt and the food itself. A potent combination. Have no fear - I'm sure you'll eat lots of fruit and seafood in hawaii and feel lots better. Aloha!!! Fun :-)

Charlotte said...

I'm really thinking that flexitarian is the way to go. It's got the benefits of vegetarianism but minus the rigidity:) Hope your tummy is all better! And HAVE FUN!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm so with you on the "wish I could get myself to meditate" thing. Even ten minutes of relaxing deep breathing or visualizations would go a long way, yet I never seem to make time for it!

And the flexitarian approach seems to me a really healthy, sensible way to get a variety of different nutrients.

azusmom said...

Leslie, I think you're right! The perfect storm, lol!
Charlotte, I think Flexi is the way to go, as well.
Crabby, Isn't it amazing how we have time for everything under the sun EXCEPT something we know will be really beneficial and doesn't take long?

BTW, if you ladies need a break, there's plenty of room on my mental Hawaiian beach, lol(um, that would be a beach in my mind, not a beach for crazy or overly-academic Hawaiians.)