Monday, December 8, 2008

Um, Airbrushing Jessica Alba?!?!?!

OK. She's 27. She's freakin' gorgeous. Yes, she just had a baby, she's probably not getting a whole lot of sleep, but you'd never know it from the photos that have leaked onto the internet. (I don't have a link, but if you're curious, go and you can see the pre- and post- airbrushing photos.
(What's even weirder is that they even photoshopped the pool. Odd.)
I think the apocolypse is coming. If Jessica Alba has to be airbrushed, what hope is there for the rest of us ever living up to this supposed ideal?
So, I've stopped trying. Never mind. I''ve had enough. It's not physically possible, anyway, and I have far more important things to spend my time and energy on.
Do I still want to lose weight? Yup! But I no longer feel like a bad person because I've put on weight. And I don't see the point in torturing myself in order to look like an unreachable ideal that objectifies women and negates everything about them beyond what they look like. That teaches girls to focus solely on their looks, to the detriment of their health. Did you know that smoking among teenage girls is up? Because they don't want to get fat. And don't even get me started on the rates of EDs!
Having been on the receiving end of it, I understand the pressure for girls and women in the public eye to lose weight. But I just wish some of the highly successful ones would get together and refuse to do so! Just imagine; Angelina, Jessica, Halle, et. al. just said no. Nope. Forget it. I refuse to be super-skinny. Either take me as I am, or not at all.
Sure, some prducers might replace them with other people, but Hollywood is all about the bottom line, and if they believe that Angelina will bring the money in, they're gonna go after her. Even with 10 extra pounds.
I realize it takes a strong person to do this. But I keep hoping.

Anyway, on a lighter note, the "Charlie Brown" Christmas special is on tonight!!!!!!!! Hello, Snoopy! And, speaking of cute dogs, if you want to see one, google "Malamute/Corgi mix" and click on "Mahalo." She's a (now) 4 year-old mix, and so ridiculously cute, and I want one!!!!! (We used to have a Malamute, and our current dog is a Corgi mix.) She's got a Corgi body with Malamute coloring.
Did I mention that I want one?


Charlotte said...

Love your rant! I'm so with you on this one. The funny thing is that when i first saw the pics of J.A. I was like "something about her waist doesn't look right..." What kills me is that people don't even care about the airbrushing!

azusmom said...

It's true! They're so used to it, it's become the norm! Scary.