Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sorry! Again!

Two months.  That's a long time.  I'm just not a good blogger.
Life has been going on apace.  LG, not so little anymore, had grown about 4 inches in the past couple of months.  As has WG (not so wee).

I've just returned (as in Sunday) from another London trip.  I decided to go early this year, for (slightly) warmer weather and (much) longer days.  And I actually saw a show this time.  "Ophelia's Zimmer" ("Ophelia's Room") at the Royal Court.  It was in German with English subtitles, and was pretty amazing!
I also did lots of walking and visited museums and parks.  As well as finally finding my way to Forbidden Planet and loading up on "Doctor Who" swag.  :)

I was lucky enough to catch "The Hollow Crown: Richard III" on the BBC, which premiered on Saturday.  Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to be having the time of his life, and Sophie Okonedo was incredible. Hopefully it'll air in North America soon.  Definitely worth a watch.

I feel pretty proud of myself for making my way around the city either walking or taking the tube.  I even got asked for directions a few times!  Which is really something, given that I get lost going to the bathroom.  It's probably because I tend to walk quickly.  And perhaps purposefully.  I even got yelled at by an irate cyclist in Hyde Park.  Made me feel like a native!  Brought a tear to my eye, I tell ya.

The day before I left was Ride a Wave, and, thankfully we were able to go this year (WG was sick last year).  It's such a wonderful day!  All the kids have such a great time, and the volunteers are the best.

The pup has been protecting us from everything and everyone: UPS, bus drivers, squirrels, birds, and whatever is living in the crawlspace under the house.  She actually managed to get in there today, nearly giving me a coronary.  Hubby's going to secure the entrance.
She's such a sweetie!  I was almost more worried about her when I was away than I was about the kids.  :)  The kids knew where I was and understood I'd be back soon.  But Avery has imprinted onto me, and she wasn't sure why I wasn't there.
Needless to say, I got a very nice greeting upon my return, and she hasn't left my side since.  <3 br="">As much as I miss our pittie, this girl has made her way deep into my heart, and I can't imagine life without her.

I also did another performance of the show I'd done a year ago.  Played a different part this time.  And it was great!  Nice to be onstage, of course.  Maybe time to get those headshots done.

OK, still jet lagged.  Gonna get ready for bed.  'Night all!